get a job

Tomorrow is Job Fair at Antonelli Institute.
Job Fair is held for the soon-to-be graduates of 2010.
They will go through simulated interviews with photographers in the field to prep their minds for the  real world they are about to enter. 

This will be our (Maggie & myself) second time attending!

This is why we're so excited:
Not only are we representing a working commercial studio, I also get to represent myself as a fine art photographer.
Our goal is to show the students, you can really do anything. You shouldn't have to limit yourself to one type of photography. I really hope we inspire the commercial and fine art students a little tomorrow. 

On the real, real:
Even though photography students are mainly wedding & portrait, there are commercial and fine art students there just trying to find their own way. I can tell you from experience that as a commercial student being interviewed by a portrait studio was a little...disheartening. I didn't think I'd be hired from a portfolio filled with food & product shots.
But, it did give me the courage to go on more interviews after college and some of the interviewers had great feedback for my portfolio.

Of course, I'm already nervous. There is something extremely profound about being asked to interview students from where you graduated. It is also very humbling being back in the old hallways, and seeing teachers who really kicked your butt into gear. You feel proud of yourself, to being working in your field, and you want to represent your studio perfectly.

What I love about our studio is the fact that we are real people. We dress casually, we act up (....a lot), but we get the job done, and we do a hell of a good job. 

*a little fyi, Mike graduated Valedictorian from Antonelli in 2006 for Graphic Design, he will also be there interviewing the graphic students. I'm a proud little girlfriend because he can do everything.
The students love him because he's young and in his professional career and does freelance designs from home. He's the real deal, and is definitely inspirational!

So, wish us luck! I will chat with you guys later :)


laura evans/photography said...

sounds like a wonderful opportunity that i wish i could have. when i left college it was to the big wide world & no clue of what i wanted or where i was going. I still don't sometimes.

Antonelli Institute said...

We are excited to have you back.
I hope you will be impressed with our students work this year! In the last few years we have had more students continue in the direction of commercial. We even have one graduate from class of 2007 who had his first National Geographic cover for the adventure series. See you tomorrow!

Tina Crespo said...

I'm excited to meet all the new commercial kids!
I read about Jeff and National Geographic, I bet he is stoked beyond belief! That is a huge, huge success story!!