.april giveaway winner!.


Congrats, Andrea!
She has been trying to win one of these for a long time, bout time your number came up!
If you haven't been to Andrea's blog, please go now!
I especially love her latest "The Witching Hour" series.

When I first started blogging, I also got to talk about Andrea and her work.
You can view that here.

Thank you for those who played! And those who didn't, I guess you just missed out, huh?



Catalog months are upon us at the studio. This week will be a lot of cleaning, prepping props, more cleaning, and hopefully website work. Next week it begins! I hope I come out alive.
Have a great Monday!


andrea said...

oh my gosh! really?! i'm so excited, thank you thank you! and thanks for the links to my blog and about my own photography :)

Tina Crespo said...

anytime!! i can't wait til you get your prints :)

kaelyn said...