i must give an enormous thanks to Rhianne because she was nice enough to talk me out of my 'what is going on with my blog!" craziness, andddddd gave me a helpful hint to maybe unlocking the great post comment mystery.

comments work now, so you can tell me how much of a fool i am :)

i've got some coffee brewing, music playing. i'm ready for the day.
i'm shooting on location at at a renovated farmhouse outside of Philadelphia. i am so excited!
i'll be sure to show some photos after they're done.

have a warm day everybody!


Rhianne said...

woohooo, I'm glad its working now - have a great day :)

Courtney said...

Your new banner is so lovely! And the renovated farmhouse sounds like so much fun. Enjoy your day!

thislovelycity said...

Well the new layout & banner look amazing!! And I'm already dying to see photos of the renovated farmhouse!

Glad you got things working again.. xo.