snow, hope, and some puppies!

we had a quite eventful weekend.
one of the biggest things that happened was our very first snowstorm(of the season)!
the weather channel was talking about it nonstop, it's kind of funny how snow takes over all the news stations, i think it even overshadows the tiger woods story (at least for 30 minutes).

we drove into south jersey for an 80th birthday bowling party, and let me tell you something. 80 year old bowlers are some SERIOUS business. they don't have small talk, or take coffee breaks. it's bowling. and nothing else. well, the occasional jab or two.

i also finally got to see funny people. i know it's long. but adam sandler's performance was very heartfelt. judd apatow's girls are just fantastic, and i loved jonah hill. i need more of him, and less of typecast michael cera in my life.

on our travel to meet Mike & Jill in Hope, New Jersey for their annual Christmas craft walk, we stopped at wawa for some early morning coffee and while coming out of the door I was suprised to see these beautiful vizsla puppies pouring out of their owner's windows!

anyone who knows me knows that i am completely dog crazy. i grew up loving dogs, and it's continued into my adulthood. we always have dogs at the studio (whether it be Chester, Charlie, Miss Leah (rip), and little Danni has even paid us a visit). we are a dog loving, biscuit giving, "chester don't eat that towel!" chasing studio.

i especially loved the Momma dog, her fur now a sparkling, majestic white, sitting patiently while the other two were complete wiggle worms!

the Hope Christmas craft walk was so perfect. We had the most delicious apple cidar donuts I have ever eaten. Nice and Hot apple cidar, and some really great antique stores were visited. I love the Holidays!

this week might be potentially crazy at the studio, we have some cookie recipes to shoot, an enormous box of chocolates came for the Market Day catalog, and an advertising postcard with a food stylist. somewhere in there, i have to paint 7 frames, mat 10 photos, and make some very special gifts for a few friends. whew. don't you love Christmas?

Anybody do anything noteworthy this weekend??


Courtney said...

I want to think that I still love Michael Cera, but his last few roles have been pretty bad, haven't they? Have fun with your holiday craziness! Those puppies just made my day.

M.M.E. said...

Wow! What great photos of the dogs. I can't tell you how touched I was to see my blog on your list of obsessive reads. I'm so excited to chat with another photographer (although I'm a super amateur).

thislovelycity said...

I am dying over the pups. Too cute! And that first photo is so stunning. Jealous over here in So Cal. We did get rain today. Ugh- rain is just annoying! Snow is much better!

fitz said...

---can practically guarantee---thepuppychannel.com would love you to post your fotos---woof !

Tina Crespo said...

courtney- i do appreciate michael cera, i do. but the trailer for his newest movie is just the same ol 'geeky kid loves hot girl' except this time his has an alterego that helps him with the ladies.

megan- your drawings are so inspirational, and i can't draw to save my life or anyone else's! i just love your blog!

erin-sometimes i'd give up the snow for some cali rain :)