the list

i am a crazy, will leave 40 minutes early just to catch the previews, imdbing movie fool.
i love the cinema and have the overflowing DVD collection to prove it.
with the holiday season, my movie going has been at best twice this month. but there is a storm coming, with a outstanding list of new movies for us to feast on.
for myself, this includes:

the lovely bones * i am well aware of it's horrific reviews, and i am extremely fond
of the book. peter jackson, you sadden me.
brothers *saw it, loved it.
sherlock holmes * robert downey jr. 'nuff said? oh, throw some jude law in there. oh, more? Guy Ritchie is the director!
shutter island * probably the scariest book i've read this past summer. again, it's a win/win situation when you have Martin Scorsese directing, and Leo DiCaprio (who is easily surpassing my expections and more as an actor.)
legion * it seems that whenever God loses faith in humanity, He will thrust us into the unknown, expecting a fight back to the light. this time He sent Angels. i'm perfectly happy with Paul Bettany playing Michael the archangel.
the wolfman * Benicio Del Toro transforms in this epic remake of one of the most diverse tales of werewolves.

and in case you were a Russell Crowe interested fan, this just came in.

to say the least, i am very happy i have these movies to look forward to, knowing well that the weather is going to be gruesomely cold come january :)

how is your christmas shopping? is it obvious that i'm distracting myself from the stores by blogging about movies???
shhhhh. don't tell anyone...


thislovelycity said...

I am currently reading the Lovely Bones! I'll be seeing the movie regardless of the reviews. Should I read Shutter Island before seeing the movie?!

Tina Crespo said...

i would! the book has some great twists, and it was fun picturing leo and mark ruffalo in their roles before actually seeing them.

i adored the lovely bones, it was filmed in the town i was living in and got to see peter jackson and the transformation of royersford,pa to look like doylestown, pa but a lot of crucial points were left out of the movie. ::sigh:: i will still see it regardless, as well :)

Courtney said...

I really, really like your new blog layout! Also, I admire your dedication to movies - I rarely make it through a film without falling asleep.

Tina Crespo said...

=) no worries. i have fallen asleep during a good chunk of movies in my time!

thislovelycity said...

Ok good to know! I also LOVE the new layout.. It looks amazing!

andrea said...

i get really irritated if i miss the previews! and i'm always on imdb as well!

i loved reading "the lovely bones," and i really want to see the movie, even though i've heard how different it is from the book.

Tina Crespo said...

it seems to be a favorite :)

my mom was sick in the hospital for a week or so, and that book was outside in the 'smoking' area, i read the whole thing while i was visiting her. so it has some significant meaning to me..