It's pretty obvious I have blog commitment issues. I haven't found the right style or layout to fit my needs and the hours I've spent mulling over templates that anger me have been adding up lately!
How is it possible to search through 137 pages of templates and not find a single one that I could spend my life with?!
Templates are a lot like guys. You find one that looks good on the outside, everything seems to be in check and when you go ahead and go to dinner, he is out of control and messy and totally deleted all of your favorite blogs I mean, friends.

And blog skins, really? There are 17 year olds designing these perfect little creations but I don't really think I have the time to convert into xml, nor do I want to sit around making my own widgets. 
Any recommendations?

By the way, how many inches of snow did you get? I believe we're up to 9? :D

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andrea said...

i think we got 10 inches of snow!