Argus, Revisited

I'm putting together large size files for an event coming up, and I tend to stumble across images I had forgotten about. Forgot that I loved, and thought "Oh, I took that?".
This photograph is from when I lived in the Gay Street School building, in the "Phoenixville" era of my life. It got me thinking about all the changes since then.

Right now, while living somewhere temporarily, a lot of my things are packed away in storage.
that includes
my camera collection
boxes and boxes of books
furry comforters
this ^ green desk from The Dump
kitchen knife set
a completely unrelated bag of sour patch kids
the blue chair.

and of course, Piggy is staying in Quakertown with some friends.

I feel like a vagabond, just wandering and collecting and waiting. Although I am most definitely not alone, it can feel that way sometimes. I can forget that loved ones are just a phone call away. I should take advantage of that more often.
I have so much to look forward to, but the ocassional sting of loneliness wiggles its way in.

Reason #423 why I love photography:
The memories and stories that photos remind us of.

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thislovelycity said...

This photo might be my new favorite & I really enjoyed this post. Funny how a photo can bring you right back to a certain time in your life. Hope you get settled soon! xo.