This is a special post for me. It marks an entire year ~plus a day, that I have been shooting fine art photography.

Last Christmas, I shot most of the day with a lensbaby. The photos that were produced were markers of meaningful locations in my hometown. It was also the beginnings of a new photographer within myself.

I thought it would be great to share with you, dear friends, those photos from last Christmas and I also wanted to share {4 new photographs} that were made this Christmas.

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009

~these special new prints (back to berwyn) will be available for purchase January 2010~


thislovelycity said...

I just got a Lensbaby this Christmas! With any luck, by next Christmas, I'll have half your talent as a photographer :] These Christmas photos are lovely! I'll be posting some of my photos with the new lens soon! Hope you had *the best* Christmas! xo!

Tina Crespo said...

nice Erin!! i can't wait to see your lovely photos!

dandelion daydream photography said...

tina! these pics rock! i love your work! i love how you make ordinary power lines into strong images (if that makes any sense..lol.).. i bought a lensbaby 2 years ago, played with it for a day, put it in my camera bag.. forgot about it.. then one day i opened my bag and saw it in there.. looking at me, and it has been a love story ever since.. hope you had a great holiday :)