The Slides - one

Remember the box of slides my mom left me? Here's one of my Dad & Mom. I think they are
about 22 years old.

The color, composition and subjects (my family before my birth) are all
breathtaking. My mom is so damn beautiful. I mean seriously, a real fox.

This is just the thing to feed my obsession of everything that is vintage. This is
real life vintage at it's best. It makes me wonder if someone will come across
a CD of images, or lost memory cards of mine. Will it have the same impact?
Will vintage be a word used to describe my life one day? 


P.S. I just found out I was nominated for Best Photography Blog on The Lovelies.
It means so much to have my little blog noticed, and would mean the world to me
if any of you could vote for townabovewater

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