I wanted to address a little thing I did just in case anyone noticed it and became
confused. I am temporarily closing my etsy shop. A min-vacation of sorts.

I think it may be the overwhelming days of snow, and the month of February
in general, but I'm feeling claustrophobic with all the things I have to do
in my daily life. I make lists endlessly, and they never seem to get done.

Yep, I'm a list maker. 

I felt that I needed to slow some things down to catch my breath. It's noted
that I could have just kept the shop open and move along like it wasn't
really open, but that isn't exactly fair to those purchasing prints from me. I
don't want to half ass pretty packaging just to ship things out. It has to be 

I'm finding that really good, upbeat music has been the key to stabilizing
my wretched moods. Right now it's Rihanna's Rated R. I listen to music in the morning while
getting ready, as well as in the car. It's therapy, really. I am definitely that person you see
singing in her car like nobody is watching. You can point and laugh, I would too.

I know there are a lot of people out there to get into too much too fast and start
losing their heads. Has any of you felt overwhelmed with things to do do?
How do you get yourself back to center?

P.S. I also finally saw 127 hours last night. Oh my god, it was amazing.


andrea despot said...

i wish i had some advice to give, but you seem to be going the right way: just take your time, breathe, and we'll welcome you back whenever you're ready :D

andrea despot said...

ps. this should make you smile :)


Kay Elle Kay said...

i feel like you were reaching out and talking directly to me! the past few months have been getting crazier and more full by the day (but you know all about that, you went to antonelli :)). music has been a great help lately, along with slowing down to breathe and cleaning up my diet. i just wanted to share that i am taking your advice about the music therapy, and its been a great way to let loose by singing in the car like im on stage!

p.s. i love your blog :)