Mike's handmade Vday card = Win.
*We don't really celebrate this day, but he 
went ahead and made the card because he
knew I'd enjoy it regardless. Especially since
I am drawn so lean and tall.*

Hannah's brownie recipe nearly knocked me over. 
Shit, this recipe is good. I recommend trying it.
Like....now. Go.

Normally, I would post the recipe but since this is not
one of my own, and Hannah deserves the credit,
I'm sending you over to her!


andrea despot said...

that card is so awesome! and yum! brownies! we've gone through 3 brownie packages in our house in less than a week. i think they're called "baker's corner fudge brownies" but they are the best i've ever had.... so gooey!

thu said...

that card is hilarious, i love it!

thanks for the brownie recipe, will def have to give it a try after looking at that picture of it! :)

kaelyn said...

"to the kitchen!"= win

Tina Crespo said...

I am a sucker for brownies, hope you guys love this recipe! I am still gushing about Hannah's recipe.