Mi familia
L to R:
My dad, brother Anthony, MomMom Crespo, Aunt Marilyn, cousin Eddie
Photographer: My mom

I have been given the most amazing gift by my mother.
A tattered, old box of slides of my family before I was born.
It will taken me forever to scan them all in, and I'm okay with that. Discovering my family in a whole new way has been such a great experience. 
Seeing loved ones who are now passed away, is the most precious piece of this puzzle.

There are photographs that look like art, and memories that are burned into film that I would have never known about. I've struck gold.

Other news:

*gift ideas
*I've got a guest post at City of Blackbirds today - be inspired
*Cayla is spending the weekend with us. I expect a lot of Disney movies, baking,
 and perhaps a trip to The Franklin Fountain
*I know he's not the greatest person in the world (an abomination to Obama's nation, he says)
 but I love this album
*Everything's Eventual begins here

Have a great weekend!


andrea despot said...

what a great gift to be given all those photos and memories you didn't know about :)

Dandelion and Grey said...

This really is the best gift ever! I love your wintery photos Tina! I'm going to use one on my Lovely List! I hope you don't mind :) oxo

Tina Crespo said...

no problem E!!!