2010 photographs - black and white

I couldn't end this series without paying homage to the shadow and light that started it all. I've asked my good blog friend Andrea Despot to write up and find the images for this post. You can find her here and here.
Thank you, Andrea!


There isn't much about black & white photography that hasn't already been said. But I will say this: It holds a sort of magic, gently forcing you to look at the things you might not notice if the image were in color: shadows, light, tone, texture. It's hard for me to say that I love black & white more, but I have to admit that sometimes it's true! The photos below are only a few of my favorites taken by other photographers in 2010. There are many others I could've included, but perhaps got lost somewhere in my memory of the past year. They may not be the best or most amazing in someone else's eyes, but for me these stand out and I have my own little reasons for loving them as I do. Enjoy!  -Andrea


Brian Krummel

From Me To You

Josef Hoflehner

m. corkill


laura evans/photography said...

stunning b&w's ... merry christmas! xx

andrea despot said...

yay! merry (belated) christmas to you :)

andrea despot said...

oh! i meant to tell you! you probably already realized (since my last name is not very popular) that my mom ordered 3 from you (the holiday sale) and gave them to me for christmas! and of course i love them :D

suzie said...

hi, I came here via fpoe! LOve these images, you got a gorgeous blog!