White Out

I set the gingerbread latte down on the desk, woke up the computer, and cracked my knuckles readying myself to write this blog post.

Then Santa came riding down the street atop a fire truck.

-20 minutes later-

Oh, Santa. You jokester.

I created a series of posts for next week focusing on my favorite photographs from 2010, then it'll be hasta la vista from me for the rest of the year!

A White Out, if you will.

I intend to enjoy the Holidays with as little stress as possible; to never leave home without my camera. Seriously. Never. Read a couple classic novels, and organize my part of the office (I've begun carrying the laptop everywhere and only entering the office to pay bills.) while also trying to create an inspiration wall.

I hope whatever you do during the next two weeks, you are surrounded by people you love. Drink lots of warm beverages, watch classic movies (don't forget The Twilight Zone marathon on New Year's Day!), and enjoy yourselves!

I leave you with Trill (our new kitty I forgot to tell you about.... sorry. She plays fetch!) and her cool kid mean face.

Stayed tuned for the first 2010 photographs post : photographs found in sapphire and emeralds
on Monday!

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