extra bright

-Want you to see all of the lights-

This past weekend was spent decorating, paper wreath making (easy tutorial here! be wary of the glue gun. blisters!), and spending time with my 2 favorite ladies. We walked with our cameras (which seems like forever since we all shot together!) into valley forge and got lost.

It was freezing. Frosted. Chilly.
20 jumping jacks helped, though.

What was your weekend like? Did anyone see Black Swan?

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andrea despot said...

i REALLY want to see black swan! i haven't yet though. have you??

laura evans/photography said...

stunning images. my weekend was spent at a not so busy craft fair. oh well. it was nice to sit on my butt & do some reading in the down time. xx

Natasha said...

Such beautiful photos. Freezing here in Montreal too, and snowy!

Tina Crespo said...

sadly I just realized that Black Swan is still a limited release. I got all pumped from interviews, and reviews that I forgot to check my local theaters first :(

kristin elena. said...

goodness i am really enjoying your blog. the images are so lovely!