This past week:
Took a trip to the 113 farm
I've discovered Eugenio Recuenco -- you want to go here
Added the dark side (my newest board on Pinterest)
Purchased and cut apart coffee bean burlap bags
Drank strong, delicious coffee
Brought home Swain Thieves (thanks to Andrea)

This weekend I plan to:
Persuade Mike to buy me a sweet potato muffin from Jasmine's...
Be a proud aunt at Cayla's Girl Scout banquet
Finish the coffee bean burlap office chair
Swoon over Martha's Sewing Encyclopedia and anxiously await the use of a sewing machine.
Finish Nip/Tuck season 6 - aka try and get my life back from Netflix

I hope you all have a great weekend!


andrea said...

netflix has stolen my life as well...

i meant to tell you that i am also a fellow "dark side" lover so i'm really enjoying that board on pinterest :)

Anonymous said...

PLEASE post photos of the coffee bean burlap office chair...my interest is officially piqued!