Day Off

Today was a unexpected day off from the studio.
I worked on the website, freshened things up a bit.
Listened to City & Colour.
Squeezed in a trip to my favorite thrift shop, The Trading Post
& got some pretty things (like the pewter sugar jar and silk scarf above).
Finally closed our storm windows. Ok, I get it cold gusts.
Summer/Fall is officially over.

Ignored the sewing machine.


What has your Thursday been like?


andrea despot said...

i tweaked my website earlier in the week too. i'm always changing that thing!

what beautiful finds! your day sounds perfect! mine has just been stuck at work with not much to do except pretend to look busy...

what a gorgeous new profile pic of you!!

Tina Crespo said...

LOL sometimes we do that at the studio...while waiting for a client to get back to us on jpg approvals, we'll surf youtube for cute kitty/puppy videos.

Anonymous said...

What isn't working on your sewing machine? Either mom or I could probably try to help you out. Cuz i love the idea of you having a working sewing machine at your disposal :-)