My sewing machine is an old grump

It's not that I'm jealous of Martha Stewart, she just makes everything seem oh so easy. Listen Martha, a few extra lines of explanations or maybe 3 more step by step photos would seriously be helpful. 
Mk, thanks.
 I just don't understand how a sewing machine could be so difficult! I've gone through the troubleshooting and in the process knocked over a barely sipped gingerbread latte from Starbucks. That was the last straw.

I put the sewing machine away.

So someone from Meatbagz asked in the previous post to share my burlap chair. Not sure if it was Kate or Mackenzie, but here it is!!

This chair was a super find back in May (yes...it has taken me 6 months to get around to finishing this.) and had very little wrong with it. The original fabric was torn in a few spots, and stained. At that point, I wasn't completely sure what I would recover the cushion and back piece with but I knew I could go over the existing fabric and stuffing since it was in good shape. Which also saved me some dough.

I think I was in Terrain when I spotted a burlap reading chair, it was gorgeous! So naturally I had to knock it off.

What I used:
40'' tall 27'' wide coffee bean burlap - purchased here for $2
Helmar Fabric Glue
Upholstery nails (from previous trim on chair)
Thumbtacks to hold burlap in place while gluing
A knife (...something not sharp) to press fabric 
I also cut off the burlap seams (which was "roped" burlap) and used that as the trim on the back cushion

I think overall this project costs me less than $10.
Which is killer, obviously.

Now I just have to convince Mike we need everything covered in burlap, and we'll be set!
Like a nice toaster oven cover :D


Anonymous said...

Oh tina! Its gorgeous. great job!

Anonymous said...

That is FABULOUS!!!! I am so going to steal that idea (and give credit, of course!) and possibly cover everything I own in burlap. Thank you so much for sharing!

(And this is Kate, by the way, but I am going to be sending this post to Mack asap...Meatbagz needs some burlap chairs, baby!)

Anonymous said...



andrea despot said...

wow that turned out really awesome!!!

andrea despot said...

ps. not sure if you saw on my blog that i started a NEW blog for only my photography. i (sadly) deleted everything from my old old one (may i take your picture?) so i could reuse the url for my new one. so... i noticed on your sidebar you still have a link for "may i take your picture?" and i was wondering if you could change the name to "andrea despot photography" okay? thanks :)

Tina Crespo said...

thanks ladies!!!!
kate- go right ahead and swipe this idea, just don't forget to show pictures :)

andrea- I will go ahead and change that now!

Dandelion and Grey said...

Holy MOLY, T! Incredible. I would pay a pretty penny for a chair like that. Great work.

Happy Weekend! oxo