It's hard to believe that before we get to have our Halloween candy (and eat it too), Christmas decorations and sign squealing "EXTRA SUPER LARGE CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT SALE NOW!" are already littering our towns.

Eh hem...
I love Christmas! Don't you?!

This year I plan to do very special gifts for friends and family that have supported me throughout the year. I also wanted to do something special for those of you, may you be a stranger or not, who have supported my photography and my shops.

This year is the $25 sale!

How it works:
Purchase the Holiday Sale listing, or any 8x8 and as a special gift to you
please choose another 8x8 of your choice, plus another 8x8 to be printed as 5x5
for free!

*Please leave titles of special free prints in "Notes To Seller" at check-out*

3 prints for the price of 1?
Yep. Done and Done.

Don't forget, I can also send your prints directly to a gift recipient
with a special note.

The Holiday sale begins November 4th and ends December 15th!


andrea said...

oh tina, right as i decide to finally hunker down and not buy anything i don't absolutely need, you throw this out there!! maybe if i'm really good with my money for the next month, i'll reward myself :)

one question: when you say 8x8, does that mean strictly 8x8 listings or can i also choose any of the rectangular-ish formats and just have you size them down to 8x8 (or 5x5)?

and oh, is it completely scrooge-like to say that i hate christmas music? it's beautiful but the fact that stores play it nonstop for a whole month BEFORE christmas makes me really hate it. if i only had to listen to it the week OF christmas, i would actually really enjoy it....

Tina Crespo said...

hahahahah i know, i feel your pain about the music. we have a strict "no christmas music. ever. no exceptions." rule at the studio.

I'm flexible about the 8's rule! Most people will stick to 8x8, but if they ask for an 8x10 or 8x12 I just send a jpg of the image how it will look cropped for approval before printing.

andrea said...

cool, thanks :)

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Yessssss... Off to check off some gifts!!!