Wix it

Happy Monday!
It's quite dreary outside, with all this rain and thunderstorming.
I pretend to mope around but secretly I enjoy it.

My website which I built using Wix was recently reviewed on their photo blog! 

Ron from Wix was so sweet in letting me know, and I read early Saturday morning.
Like... 5am early.

I think the reviewer nailed me on the head, and totally called me out on my bio (or the lack of one). I'm contemplating hiring someone to write it for me, all this nonsense about myself doesn't seem interesting to me.  Overall, I'm super excited about how it was received. It made me feel proud of my little space on the interweb :)

Anyway, please read it if you get the time!


kaelyn said...

yay! very nice t!

Gali said...

That's the first time I hear about Wix and it seems rather interesting!