I've had an exceptionally good day, with some great news (hopefully I can share soon!) so I wanted to spread the goodness around.

A sale seemed appropriate.

From today til Friday, August 6th I will be having a BOGO sale at the shop.
Purchase any 8x8 (or 8x10) of your choice, type in the title of your second (free) print in "notes to seller" and zing! You're done!

Any questions, just let me know!

Thank you (times a million) to everyone who has kept this shop going with all your love, support, & inspiration. 


andrea said...

awesome! can't wait to hear what the good news is!

andrea said...

by the way, i just looked at how many sales you have on etsy. 110?! i feel so lousy with my mere 18. i wish i was doing as well as you!!

eliska.h said...

i love your photography! so beautiful. glad you're doing well!