friday link love and a free print giveaway

i've made some print sets to share with you! they all have a cohesive look which is exactly what i wanted to go for. i'm pretty excited to get them on etsy, and hopefully they do well, so take a peek.

also just out are the long 8's


i am having a little giveaway over at facebook!
for this weekend only, you can win any 8x8 print from my shop. all you have to do is become a fan if you aren't already, and leave a comment under "free print - enter here" with the name of your favorite print. 
i'll be picking the winner by random sunday night and contacting you monday morning! sounds pretty easy smeezy.

and because i got so much hell from my friends about this, i am TOTALLY excited to see New Moon today! One of the reviews on rotten tomatoes stated that Lautner (eh hem, Jacob) acting improved tremendously sans shirt. maybe there would be oscar buzz if he took his pants off. ohhhh ha ha, so funny you are mr. rotten tomato guy. so funny. har har. :)



jenloveskev said...

Very cute print set!!
Working in a high school I was not looking forward to today to hear all the girls ALL day talking about twillight. hehe
Hope you enjoy it!

Tina Crespo said...

ebert gave it a D rating ssooooo lol

Unknown said...

Love the sets!! I finally took better pics of my shelf/your gorgeous photos & I want you to see.. now just gotta upload. Yes, I may be lazy, but it'll happen.. eventually!!