wander in the forest

With the promise of snow looming over my Holiday week, I thought I'd take some time to visit Longwood Gardens and surround myself with everything that is green, and full of Spring. Kind of a huge mistake because it made my heart hurt for those warm months when anything seems possible. Not that I don't love winter, ( my obsessive book reading, sweater wearing, hot chocolate drinking self loves winter) but there is something about the sweetness in the air that calms the soul.

The conservatory is where all this beauty lives. I got there fairly early, and as always, I was the youngest person there. This never fails to happen and makes me think: Am I really a 70 year old woman inside a 27 year old body? Yeah, probably.

I hope everyone is still enjoying their Holiday, with family, hot drinks, and lots of snow!


Red Star to Lone Star said...

I want to live inside you photographs :)

thea said...

such a beautiful capture of that lavender!!


andrea despot said...

Tina, these are all so beautiful! I'm sorry I've been so quiet in the blog world lately. I've been meaning to go back and catch up on your blog. I miss your photography! I hope all is well with you and that you had a great holiday!