A look into our apartment

Ever since we worked on our mid century inspired coffee table (see below), I have been itching to put more interesting pieces in our living room. If you have ever been a renter, you know the frustrations when making the place yours. We have strict rules about painting (as in we absolutely can't, even if we paint over it when we move), and our place is on the smaller side. Like, our only closet is a staircase that is blocked off at the top. Seriously.  Regardless, we want it to be a reflection of us.

We have quirky art, lots of plants, and our color palette is moving into the direction of blacks, whites, with tiny hints of color. I think without knowing it, we based our palette off of our little terror, Trillzmania.

With house hunting in our near future, we've been confronted with "How much more personality do we want to squeeze into this apartment?", "Should we wait to buy a new dining room table until after we move?", "Can we please get Trilly a kitty friend?". That last question I probably ask twice a day, every day. 

For now, I'm happy with the little vignettes we've created. It reflects us perfectly, and it all feels like home to me. 

Recently, I came across an Ikea hack on Pinterest and I bought a Rast dresser almost immediately. It was fairly simple to build, stain and paint and I think it adds the perfect touch to our, otherwise, blank wall. 

Oh, and see that white wire Eames chair in the after photo? I found it on the side of the road. Seriously? Someone thought this was trash? Then call me a dumpster diver, baby because this shit doesn't happen every day!

The total cost for the dresser was $50. That's what I'm talking about!

stuff in this post you can buy
Ikea Rast dresser
Black knobs - fintorp knob
Coffee table top - vika furuskog
Hairpin legs that we used for our coffee table came from HairPinLegs.Com
Black & white chevron coasters made by an amazingly artistic friend, Jenny Alexander aka The Painted Lily
Sepia beach scene photograph by my very good friend Kaelyn Michaels
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Solly Sunday said...

This looks great!

apartments in rolling meadows il said...

There are plenty of affordable furniture and cabinets that renters can get for their apartments. These could be stores like Ikea or discount shops in your area.