I do believe this is my first time back to the computer since Friday, my birthday.
Oh, because I was running wild all over Philadelphia, losing shoes, and money and getting hastily drunk and eating until my heart's content?

I wish.

I'll keep it simple, and not crowd this space with too many details.
Friday (Birthday) emergency run to the vet for Piggy.
+ horrific sciatic nerve pain.
+ cancelled birthday plans
+stomach flu all weekend
+more back pain
+Piggy getting worse after Friday,
another run to the vet today.

That's ah...that was my Birthday weekend.

I did shoot a cake, though?
It's the prissy little White Cake from Wegman's.
And it's delicious.

Mike and I ate it for breakfast on my birthday.
Ya know, before all  hell decided to break loose.

This weekend was so bad, it just has to be comical.
....I'm not exactly laughing yet, but maybe in a few days.


olive juice photography said...

happy belated birthday! it definitely sounds like one to remember! :)

Tina Crespo said...

haha yes, orrrrrrr maybe one to forget?

Kaelyn said...

=(! We will get hastily drunk this weekend, yes? and that cake looks fantastic. Does yours sell alcohol yet?

CAPow! said...

That's awful! I'm sorry your birthday weekend was so bad! Your shots of that cake are beautiful though! :)

Bridget said...

wegmans is amazing. wish i had one up here where i live.