favorite picture you've never seen

Every photographer has one (or 100). Photographs that have never made it to the surface, for whatever reason. It may be lit incorrectly, blurry, or it doesn't go with the style you're trying to create for yourself. 
I have so many of those! It doesn't feel right to keep them hidden on my external hard drive. I'd love to start a weekly post featuring photographs that aren't perfect, but favorites none the less.

I absolutely love this photograph of Cayla.
Who would have all this grace at the age of 5? No one. 
Ok, maybe I'm giving her too much credit. She is the goofiest little kid I know, and I've been told she's just like me when I was that age. I give my brother credit for having to go through it all again with his daughter this time. 
 But boy she knows when that camera is pointed her way.

So..Friday is my birthday.
Quarter Century.

To celebrate, I wanted to do everything that makes me happy.
So that means, lots of mexican food.
Going here because I'm strange and love abandoned shiz.
Also going here because I've been dying for some pistachio ice cream!

Spending the rest of the weekend with family, and perhaps more apartment hunting.

Have a great week everyone!

P.S Thank you so much for the comments on the previous post. I'm really glad to know people have my back, and like the direction(s) this blog is going. It means so much to me!


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Hush with all the 'old' talk! 25 is hardly old...30, now, that's getting there :) Hope you have a great birthday.

I think this is such a wonderful photo. It really is just perfect.

ApachesPrincess said...

Beautiful picture, it is lovely! I love her position and like you said, how graceful it is.

Bonnie said...

*wishing I could say I was having my 25th birthday soon... passed that one up about five years ago...* :)

Just found your wonderful blog and I have to say I'm *drooling!* Loving your foodie photos and recipes. They are such an inspiration and I'm totally trying out that pistachio tart! Looks amazing!

So glad I found your site. Have a wonderful day and Happy early BIRTHDAY!! :)


andrea said...

i really really love this tina!

Krystal said...

that pic is gorgeous and should be blown up and put on a wall!

Dandelion and Grey said...

I LOVE this photo of Cayla! It really is perfect & I would love to see more and hope you start it as a new series on your blog.

Your birthday plan sounds completely LOVELY! Have the BEST day! xo

Walter Helena said...

Oh my dear, 25 is not old. It's fabulous. Congratulations on getting more fabulous! Gorgeous photography, by the way... xo, WHP.

olive juice photography said...

i am totally loving that photo!