It's safe to say this place was distracting, haunting, and peaceful. Which is a strange combination, if I might add. To stand where so many men fought and died, while hearing the sweet sound of chirping birds, is a lot to take in.

Gettysburg is just striking, and I wish I had taken more photographs but I felt it was one of those trips I just wanted to take it without the pressure of getting the shot.


Civil War related books on my to read list
1861: The Civil War Awakening
Gone with the Wind
and for good measure, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


For the book nerds, I am currently reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King and I cannot put it down.


Izael Garrido said...

Very beautiful photos

Rhianne said...

Very beautiful, you captured it well. i felt the same at Auschwitz when we went, it was oddly peaceful and there were a lot of birds but you couldn't shake the haunted feeling either. I took photos in the same way but I haven't been able to share them anywhere, they seem to too sensitive, too personal...

Tina Crespo said...

Thank you Izael!

Rhianne - I can't even imagine the vibe at Auschwitz. Especially since the tragedy of the Holocaust is still fresh history. I don't blame you for keeping the photographs private, there is something very strange about photographing something like that.

There were some younger kids there, tooling around in the cemetery taking turns posing for pictures on graves. It took a lot of strength to not let my smart mouth get out of hand.