Apple Cider Rules!

Need a pick me up? Recently I was told (by a doctor, of all people. What does he know?!) I should lower my caffeine intake. This morning I made myself a hot cup of apple cider, with a twist of course.

Add an orange slice to organic (or homemade) apple cider, and a sprinkle of nutmeg to amp up a cup of yours. The spice adds an extra note of flavor, and it makes you feel super classy. Or takes your mind off of not having the usual coffee (like myself).

I plan to sneak in as much Autumn-loving recipes and activities in these next few weeks, because I'll be spending Thanksgiving in Florida! I'm very excited to see my mom, grandparents & spend time with the new adoptive pup, a retired greyhound named Bull! 

My mom is still recovering from her recent hospital stay (happy to say she sounds great on the phone!), which has put our whole family in a sort of tittering over the edge emotional state, so I am anxious to see her and squeeze her face. We have been sharing recipes over the phone (which helps keep your mind off things), and taking ample time to describe techniques & flavors but it really doesn't compare to being in the kitchen with this woman. She can cook her ass off. This trip will surely create long-lasting memories. 

PS - Thank you to those who twittered, messaged or emailed good vibes our way. It has not gone unnoticed :)


Bobbie said...

I just found your blog. (so happy about)
I was looking for a way to jazz up apple cider!
love the idea!
:) Bobbi

Agnese said...

I just found your blog thanks to bkfst.com I really love your photos and I added you in my links page. Bye!! ;)

Tina Crespo said...

thank you both!