the definition of vacation - aka saying laterz to the blog....for now.

planned time spent not working
                             few days off

"Never say anything that 
doesn't improve on silence."

I've run out of things to say for the time being. I've lost myself
in this social networking shuffle (or circle jerk, as I like to call
it) and it's really not doing any good for my good karma.

Taking a nice, long break from the blogosphere seems like the
key. I have been so thankful for everyone who has been so
supportive of my work, and the changes in myself.

I want to know who I am, as a photographer (and as a person) 
without the daily influence of blogs, tweets, status updates.

You can still find me on flickr, I really hope by going back
to my roots (flickr!) it will improve my mood, and let me
figure out where my life is going at this point.

I'll catch up with ya'll eventually, but right now I need some
focus in my life. Thanks all! 



Eadaoin said...

I will miss your blog updates Tina, but I'm glad to see you're still posting on Flickr so at least I can see your new shots there :) Enjoy your break from the social networking world, sometimes it really can be a bit much so I understand your need for a siesta! I hope you come back refreshed and happier xx

Isabelle said...

What a shame!!! I just discovered you; your writing is different and the rhythm too.
Hope you reconsider...
Have a good break!

andrea despot said...

you will be missed! but i completely understand about losing yourself in all the constant inspiration. sean doesn't read much even though there are so many sci-fi books he'd love to read. he's afraid he'll get too inspired by a book and subconsciously incorporate it into his own sci-fi book that he's writing.

honestly, i'd love to take a break from all the blogging too, but then... it sounds silly, but i'd feel left out and whenever i decided to join the blogging world again, i'd have to spend forever catching up. so, i admire you for doing it and, seriously, good for you :D

Tina Crespo said...

Thank you ladies, but no worries this is not long term! I just need a little break...but the shop will stay open, and I hope to be uploading a lot of images to flickr! So please stop by my stream and say hi :)

Andrea - I found that basing my "worth" or "coolness" by my blog is the most self destructive thing I could do. I also found that I was transforming into this uber sweet/nice person just to be liked. You see my facebook...you know I swear....a lot :) It just didn't feel genuine anymore.

When I come back, I hope to bring a brand new freshness to the blog, and a whole lot of ME. I'd rather be my real self all the time.

andrea despot said...

yes, i noticed the swearing :P you should just be yourself, and if you offend someone with your language, then it's their loss.