Hmmm, tea?

Officially, I am a coffee drinker.
But with the decision to cut sugar out of my diet, I wanted to 
somehow lessen the grip that the bean has on me as well.

Sorry, Starbucks.

Right now, I have been sipping green tea. But to be
honest, I'm not the biggest fan of this hot drink.

Any recommendations?

This morning, I resorted to a hot water, lemon &
honey creation. That was delicious.


SAMI. said...

try celestial seasonings bengal spice. it's cinammony and delicious!


Sini said...

When I started drinking tea, I chose white tea. It's soft enough and I don't use any sweeterners in my drinks (coffee nor tea). My favourite is Raspberry white tea.

Maybe you can try coffee without sugar, it's actually better than with sugar ;)

Kay Elle Kay said...

Chamomile is so tasty!! And Chai. I know both of those definitely taste better than Green Tea. :)

andrea despot said...

so, i guess the no sugar is going good so far? as in, i know you're probably dying for it, but at least resisting?

i know i told you i was going to cut out all sugar too, but then i decided that was a little too extreme for me. so i'm just going to do it in stages. this month: no chocolate (seven days so far! i'm proud of myself! especially since we still have those chocolate peanut butter cups in the fridge and rocky road ice cream in the freezer). next month: no chocolate and no ice cream. month after that: no desserts whatsoever.

or something like that.

how sad is that sweets are such a big part of my life that i can't just cut them out cold turkey? :P

anyway, i'm not much of a tea drinker myself, but i drink this raspberry pomegranate green tea that actually doesn't need sugar or honey or anything to make it taste like something. maybe you'd like it too:


also, i just realized that no chocolate thing kinda sucks this month because i'll be visiting sean in san francisco in a couple of weeks and i know he's going to want to take me to ghirardelli (which is based in san francisco). maybe i'll have to make an exception just the once :P

andrea despot said...

i just saw kay elle kay's comment above and duh! why didn't i think of that! one of my favorite drinks is a chai-tea latte. just get the chai tea latte concentrate from the store and mix it with milk:


(of course, it might actually have sugar so you'll have to read the ingredients.)

Tina Crespo said...

These all sound delicious! Thanks girls :)

Andrea - Make the exception!!! I never had a shamrock shake, and decided I was going to try it. Just once, though. It was yummy, and didn't make me sugar crazy.

Nic Riess said...


:).. I also love everything with roiboos in it (no coffeine -or thein, for that matter.. ).. there are some awesome, naturally flavoured ones out there.. also really great chilled and way less bitter than green tea can be!

Nic Riess said...

oh, just say, that you were talking about chai already above.. :)

Elena / Naen-Soap said...

Infuse green tea leafes for no more than 2 minutes. Otherwise the drink will become toxic and bitter.