Dread: apothecary

The anxiety and grief has finally released their grip on me. I haven't been much of any use these past few weeks, and finally picked up my camera (shamefully, it's been weeks) and began to shoot.
Oh....it melted everything away. 
Camera, I love you. 

available in print

available in print

I like this series, do you?
It's a great way to make sense of my glass bottle obsession.
....and an excuse to continue it.


andrea said...

i really really do love this series! i love the color combinations throughout: the dark grey and green and tiny hints of red/orange, very muted and very autumn-y :)

i'm glad you're feeling a little better. my family had to put my dog to sleep over a year ago. the dog i practically grew up with, who we got when i was only 10 years old and who was with me all through middle and high school. it still pains me when i think of her and it's still strange to think i'll never see her again.

Courtney said...

Tina, these are beautiful!! They do feel very nesty and autumnal. Your bottles are so lovely, I can see why you're drawn to collecting them.

Tina Crespo said...

Thank you both very much :)

Andrea, i sent you an etsy convo!

Dandelion and Grey said...

I don't like, I love. Aaaaand I am ALL FOR collection glass bottles!